Dov Shlein

Dov Shlein was born in Czernowitz, then part of Romania. In 1950 he emigrated with his family to Israel. There he studied Jewish and general history at the University of Haifa, and he worked as a teacher until 1970.

In that year, he left for London where, from 1973 until 1976, he followed a training in art at the Camden Arts Centre. He studied with, among others, Madeleine Pearson (painting) and Mel Noble (etching).

In 1976, he returned to Israel, where he worked as an artist, and as a teacher at the Hadassa Community College and the Lycée René Cassin, both in Jerusalem.

Since 1982 he has been living in Amsterdam, where he works as an artist.


He exhibits his work regularly at Gallery Nine - 9, Keizersgracht 548 in Amsterdam.
Visit here his page at the website of the gallery.


Exhibitions (selection)
2006 Galerie Kádáns, Den Haag, group exhibition
2003 Galerie Kádáns, Den Haag
2002 Galerie Kádáns, Den Haag, group exhibition
2000 Galerie Kádáns, Den Haag
1999 Galerie Klerxs & Van Heerden, Haarlem
1998 Galerie Kádáns, Den Haag, group exhibition
1997 Gallery Ubu, New York NY, group exhibition 'ONE-LINE DRAWING' with European and American artists
  Galerie Klerxs & Van Heerden, Haarlem, as a participant in the manifestation Omanoet modernit,
Israeli artists in the Netherlands
1996 Galerie Kádáns, Den Haag
  Galerie Parade, Amsterdam, group exhibition 'ONE-LINE DRAWING'
1994 Open ateliers Amsterdam Zuid, group exhibition
1992 Galerie Josine Bokhoven, group exhibition 'FIRST CHOICE'
1991 Minories Art Galleries, Colchester UK, group exhibition in collaboration with
Galerie Josine Bokhoven and Galerie Asselijn, Amsterdam
1990 Galerie Josine Bokhoven, Amsterdam, group exhibition
1989 Galerie Josine Bokhoven, Amsterdam
1987 Galerie Zuid, Amsterdam, group exhibition
1985 Galerie Zuid, Amsterdam
1982 Evergreen Gallery, Amsterdam
1979 Jerusalem Printing Center, Jerusalem, group exhibition
1976 Camden Arts Centre Galleries, London, group exhibition
Acquisitions by museums
2003 Diary, a book with poems, drawings and collages, Teylers Museum in Haarlem
1998 drawings, Teylers Museum, Haarlem
1997 drawings, Teylers Museum, Haarlem
  His work is also represented in many private collections in The Netherlands, Israel, Switzerland,
the United States of America and other countries.